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مراجعین گرامی


بر اساس دستور دولت فدراسیون روسیه به شماره 635-p مورخ 16 مارس ۲۰۲۰ (26 اسفند ماه 1398) به منظور تأمین امنیت دولت، حفظ سلامتی مردم و جلوگیری از توسعه ویروس جدید کرونا کوید 19 در اراضی فدراسیون روسیه از ساعت 00.00 به وقت محلی مورخ 18 مارس 2020 (28 اسفند ماه 1398) ورود اتباع خارجی و افراد بدون تابعیت، به استثناء کارمندان مقیم یا متنصب نمایندگی های دیپلماتیک و مؤسسات کنسولی، سازمانهای بین المللی و نمایندگی های آنها، سایر نمایندگی های رسمی دول خارجی مستقر در اراضی فدراسیون روسیه، و همچنین اعضاء خانواده های افراد مذکور، رانندگان اتومبیل های مواصلات جاده ای بین المللی، حلبان هواپیماها، کشتی های دریایی و رودخانه ای، قطار و لوکوموتیو های مواصلات ریلی بین المللی، اعظاء هیئت های رسمی و افراد دارنده روادید سیاسی، سرویس و نیز عادی شخصی که به علت فوت خویشان نزدیک صادر گردیده، افراد مقیم دائم در اراضی فدراسیون روسیه، و همچنین افرادی که از طریق نقاط هوایی ترانزیت حرکت می نماییند، به طور موقت محدود می گردد. 

همچنین بر اساس دستور مذکور پذیرش مدارک، صدور و ارائه تمامی انواع روادید برای اتباع خارجی و افراد بدون تابعیت، به غیر از روادید سیاسی، سرویس و تجاری عادی برای افراد فوق الذکر، و همچنین روادید شخصی برای اتباع خارجی و افراد بدون تابعیت که به علت فوت خویشان نزدیک خود وارد اراضی فدراسیون روسیه می گردند، به طور موقت متوقف می گردد. 

شایان به ذکر است که اقدامات مزبور به خاطر شرایط ویژه و منحصراً به طور موقت اتخاذ گردیده است. 


Dear visitors!


In accordance with the Direction of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 635-r dated March 16, 2020, in order to ensure state security, protect public health and prevent COVID-19 outbreak in the territory of the Russian Federation the Government of Russia has temporarily restricted the entry to the territory of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens and stateless persons from 00:00 local time on March 18, 2020. The suspension does not apply to accredited or appointed employees of diplomatic missions and consular posts of foreign states accredited in the Russian Federation, international organizations and their representative offices, other official representations of foreign states located on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as family members of mentioned individuals, drivers of freight vehicles, crew members of air, sea and river vessels, train and locomotive brigades of international railway communication, members of official delegations and persons holding diplomatic, service or ordinary private visas issued in connection with the death of a close relative, persons permanently residing in the Russian Federation, as well as transit travelers through air border crossing points.

Also, in accordance with the mentioned direction, the admission of visa applications, processing and issuance of all categories of visas for foreign citizens and stateless persons is temporarily suspended. The exception is the issuance of diplomatic, service and ordinary business visas to the persons listed above, as well as private visas to foreign citizens and stateless persons traveling to the Russian Federation due to the death of a close relative.

It should be emphasized that the outlined measures have been taken due to extraordinary circumstances and have only temporary manner.


Press release

on submission of documents confirming the origin of cash

and (or) monetary instruments

On February 4, 2020 new rules for transporting money across the customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union came into force. From now on, a natural person transporting over 100 thousand US dollars at a time will need to provide documents confirming the cash origin. And also provide the customs declaration. This follows from the relevant Decision No. 130 of the Eurasian Economic Commission's Board dated August 6, 2019.

The Decision was prepared pursuant to the requirements of the EAEU Customs Code; it is aimed at implementing Recommendation 32 “Cash Couriers” of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF). 

The Recommendation had been developed to provide the FATF member countries with the measures to identify and stop (detain) funds and negotiable instruments that are physically transported across the border and can be used to finance terrorism or launder money.

The documents submitted must confirm the origin of cash and (or) monetary instruments declared in the passenger's customs declaration. They, for example, can include documents drawn up by credit institutions when performing conversion operations, withdrawing funds from an account, obtaining a loan, etc., or documents confirming the conclusion of civil law transactions (inheritance, gift, etc.).

In case of failure to submit the relevant documents, the transportation of cash and (or) monetary instruments across the EAEU customs border shall be prohibited.




On opening of the Russian Visa Center in Tehran

In order to improve the quality of service for applicants applying for a visa to enter the Russian Federation, since September 22, 2019 the Russian visa center operates in the consular district of the Russian Embassy to Iran.

Interlink Service company is an operator of the Center and the only institution authorized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Iran to receive documents for issuing visas to Russia.

Russian visa center «Interlink Service» is located at: Unit 209, Namad Elahiyeh bulding, Elahiyeh street, Tehran, Iran. For more information about its work, please visit or call +98 21 2635 3930.

The main goal of the center is to speed up and simplify the procedure for obtaining a visa, create the most comfortable conditions for applicants, explain to them the rules of entry and stay in the Russian Federation, check the completeness of documents that are the basis for issuing a visa, and represent the interests of applicants at the consulate when submitting (receiving) documents on their behalf.

The decision to issue or refuse to issue a visa, as well as the processing the visa and issuing it to foreigners remains the prerogative of Consular section of the Embassy.

At the same time, for applicants is kept the possibility of a direct appeal to the Consular section of the Embassy with the purpose of filing documents for a visa. This is possible through the process of preliminary electronic registration in order to get the date and time of visit. For this purpose works the website:

In order to exclude cases of fraud with the pre-registration system, the Consular section of the Embassy accepts documents only from those people whose personal data was entered into the system during the registration of the application. In case of discrepancy of the information specified in the system with the data of the applicant, whose documents are submitted to the Consular section, they won’t be accepted. One time slot provides the possibility of submitting only one set of documents.


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